Update to 1.01

Change log: 1. I tweaked the AI to be more aggressive in the fourth quarter when they’re behind. I wasn’t satisfied with how it was responding in certain situations. 2. When you’re at the 40 yard line of the opponent on offense, all you used to see as a kicking option was the field goal […]

One Guy reviews Gridiron

You can find a new review of Gridiron over at One guy, too many games. A quote: “I didn’t really have any expectations going into Gridiron Solitaire. I knew a little about it, but none of the details. For such an abstract representation of football, it does a great job at capturing the flavor.”

Gridiron Solitaire Review

Phil Scuderi over at Red Door Blue Key wrote a review of Gridiron Solitaire and we are humbled that he likes it. A little quote: ‘Yet Gridiron Solitaire evokes the feel of real football better than any game I’ve ever played. In its abstract elegance it reveals how much crud has accumulated in the genre, […]

Let’s Play! (German Edition)

If you speak german, you might want to check out MsStandart Let’s Play video. A quick google translate shows: “What happens if one American football and a collectible card game throws together in a pot? It comes out Gridiron Solitaire and Bill Harris has this idea into action. We choose a team and accompany this over 30 […]