People write nice things about Gridiron Solitaire


Gridiron Solitaire is a marvel: an elegant design with deep and intricate underpinnings. It’s the most straight-up fun I’ve had with a football game since Tecmo Super Bowl.”

Gridiron Solitaire evokes the feel of real football better than any game I’ve ever played. In its abstract elegance it reveals how much crud has accumulated in the genre, how taken we all are with glitz and show.  If Vince Lombardi were alive, this is the game he’d want to play in his spare moments between championships.”

Gridiron Solitaire is the kind of game I made up when I was a kid, before ‘Madden’ conquered the world.”

Down 6, 4th and goal from the 1 with :04 left on the clock. Called a run play, since I only need 1 match to win. Comes up empty on the initial draw. Cross my fingers and hit the Big Play button…only to find out the D-lineman blew the play up in the backfield. Game over, I lose.

And it was awesome.”

I’m up 14-13 with less than a minute to go. The opposition drives into my territory and attempts the 47 yard field goal as time expires.

The kick is up…
It has the distance…
But sails wide…

Well damn if I didn’t throw my arms into the air and shout in celebration as I leapt from my desk.”

The final play was a 48-yard pass into the end zone for the win. THAT was satisfying, and there was definitely some hollering.”